More Weaving Classes to Fit Your Schedule

If you already know a bit about weaving and have a Cricket loom or other rigid heddle loom, here are some of the classes I offer. Class fee is $60 an hour and you can contact me at akorotkystudio@gmail or call me at 434 295 5057 to arrange a class day and time that fits your schedule. I live and work here at my studio in Fry’s Spring so it’s easy to make a date. And there’s plenty of on-street parking.

If you don’t see something listed you would like to know about, let’s talk! There’s lots to learn and all kinds of places to go. And I have 15-inch Cricket looms for sale at the studio for $215, tax included. Here are some of the classes:

  • Start to Finish Planning a weaving project, from yarn estimates to project design and finishing the fringe. What would you like to make?
  • Color and Weave Using two warp colors and matching weft colors to create intricate weaving design simply and easily.
  • Texture Weaving Pattern work that takes the rigid heddle loom into another realm entirely; fun and intriguing to learn.