I have two looms for rent this summer. One is a 24-inch Kromski and the other is a 10-inch Cricket. Both are portable rigid heddle looms. If you are interested, please contact me no later than June 15, 2017 to make arrangements.





I stopped in this morning, despite the pouring rain, to visit Deren at EWE Fibers, to work on my 10-inch Cricket Loom. I have warped the loom with Cestari’s cotton yarn and threaded only some of the dents in the reed. Leaving open spaces makes the rosey textured yarn I am using for the weft pop. Stop in and try it for yourself!




Studying the newest cotton colors at EWE fibers today. These cottons on cones are super for weaving placemats, napkins, and runners. Placing the cones together and then altering just one color in the group creates design opportunities for warp and weft.












You don’t need a big loom to learn to weave. The small, portable, and easy to use Cricket Loom (shown above) is a great way to get your hand in. I will be using them as I move forward with Teaching 2017 in the studio.

The first students arrive in mid-January for a three-hour class that includes weaving on a Cricket Loom, experimenting with small hand-held looms and weaving traditional and not so traditional wall-hangings. And EWE Fibers at 617 West Main Street will offer discounts to students from A. Korotky Studio.

My studio sample books and textile and weaving library will be available for perusal and study. We will also work on the Gilmore 8-harness floor loom, and several types of rigid heddle looms. Information packets will contain resource and reference materials covering yarns, books, periodicals and websites of use to weavers of all kinds.

Teaching 2017 is underway! Stay tuned for class offerings!