This is Light!

Woven in cotton and linen in triple draft bird’s eye weave. 16×28 inches, with a hemstitched fringe. $75. Buy now

Celtic Bell Warm

Handwoven table runner in stripes and color panels. 100% cotton with a hemstitched fringe, and 14 inches by 66 inches. Woven in Celtic Bell pattern. $150. Buy now

All Diamonds

Some days it just comes up that way, right? All Diamonds. A swell, shoulder-hugging handwoven shrug intended to fascinate. Really. $160. Buy now

Random Joy/SOLD

What happens when colors fly together. Newest shoulder-hugging shrug. In dozens of colors and mixes of cottons and silks and rayon yarns. $150.

Kumihimo: 7-thread Braid!

Here are the Kumihimo kits. The Loome Tool makes this 7-thread braiding tool, and I added hemp yarns and cotton yarns and a clothes pin to keep it all together and tidy. It’s ready to go! Just right for someone on your list! $22. Buy now

Twill Weave Cloth

A wrapping cloth, all cotton, woven in twill weave. Used here to wrap fruit. Also! wrap your bread at table for dinner tonight. 15×25. $50. Buy now

Pines Stole

There are times when a gorgeous shadow weave stole is the only way to go. Pines Stole is all cotton, and 23 inches by 110 inches, with a knotted fringe. Now is one of those times! $325. Buy now

Confetti Shrug

A little bit of cover. Added flecks of color. Plus elegance! And two vintage buttons on the sleeves. One size fits most. $160. Buy now

Many Birds/SOLD

Rushing out this cold morning Many Birds around my neck. Silk and softest woolen yarns handwoven in a pointed twill. Warm, strong, sure. 16 by 78, hemstiched. $150.


Heartland, an elegant wrap woven in linen and cotton. 18 inches by 96 inches. Knotted fringe. $375. Buy now