Marigold and White

27 degrees when I woke today. Here’s to marigolds! Rectangles of white and marigold alpaca woven in twill weave and an extravagant fringe. This cozy and lightweight wrap is 26 inches by 35 inches. Toasty! $250. Buy now

Rust Pines

In a unique color combination this wrap/shawl/long scarf is woven in shadow weave. All cotton and 22 inches by 80 inches. Elegant and easy to wear. Rolled hem. $285.

Pillow Pint Three

From my handwoven cloth, this set of three small pillows are all woven from a Weaver Rose pattern. Miniature fringe, handsewn, 100% cotton. Unscented. Have a pint of pillows! $40. Buy now

Pillow Pint Two

A set of three small pillows made from my handwoven cloth. Designs: bird’s eye, groton twill, and herringbone. 100% cotton. Unscented. Packed to go in an recycled paper pint container! $40. Buy now

Pillow Pint One

A set of three small pillows made from my handwoven cloth. Tasseled, tiny. Unscented. 100% cotton. Packed in a painted, recycled grocery container to go. $40. Buy now

Purple Red Gray

Woven mat, useful in many ways: at the bar, at the table, in the kitchen. All cotton, sturdy and 11×18 inches, with a hemstitched fringe. Reversible! Machine washable, of course. $40. Buy now


Growing is a small and beautiful cloth, 13×18 inches. Woven in Spot Bronson weave, all cotton, with a hemstitched fringe. Reversible! $25. Buy now

This is Light!/SOLD

Woven in cotton and linen in triple draft bird’s eye weave. 16×28 inches, with a hemstitched fringe. $75. Buy now

Celtic Bell Warm

Handwoven table runner in stripes and color panels. 100% cotton with a hemstitched fringe, and 14 inches by 66 inches. Woven in Celtic Bell pattern. $150. Buy now

All Diamonds

Some days it just comes up that way, right? All Diamonds. A swell, shoulder-hugging handwoven shrug intended to fascinate. Really. $160. Buy now