The rhubarb warp on the warping board; chained and sitting on the loom bench waiting to be threaded in Rosepath, and wound onto the back beam of my Gilmore loom.


Here is the entire lot of Deren Bader’s mountain merino yardage. Dyed with rhubarb extract, and wound from her skeins of both 2 ply worsted and 3 ply dk combed.  I am combining these with some yellow wool from my stash and Maysville 8/4 rug cotton to wind a warp of 11 yards in length.  280 ends, total.


Here’s the latest from my studio today. I have used two skeins from Daren Bader’s yarn collection to create this almost-plaid. 13 inches wide, 80 inches long, this handwoven beauty will be in the shop at EWE Fibers to see and touch. Join the April 1 Cricket Class and learn how to do this kind of work!


Spring and summer weaving: cotton and flax the perfect choice. These hanks of cotton and flax yarns at EWE fibers are well-priced, generous in size, and ready for weaving today. Experimenting with colors in warp and weft might look like this:cestset2



akemcity1This is Deren Bader’s hand dyed yarn, Emerald City. Colors from rhubarb and indigo; fibers are merino, silk and alpaca. Weaving on a 15-inch Cricket Loom with a slim, closed bottom boat shuttle. Both warp and weft show the colors as they are coming off the skeins. Something new. And good.



cricketbagsMayan weavers make these handsome bags. Local weavers can use them for traveling about with Cricket Looms. The blue one on the left is for the 15-inch wide Cricket, the other is for the smaller 10-inch wide loom. The looms and the bags will be on sale during class times at EWE Fibers, February 25, and March 7. The February session is sold out – but there are still places for the evening class on Tuesday, March 7.

picturethis1Using wooden frames, cotton yarns for warp, and all kinds of fiber for weaving, the February Picture This! Off Loom Weaving class was a hit. Check in with EWE Fibers class schedule to see when the next session is coming up.