cricketbagsMayan weavers make these handsome bags. Local weavers can use them for traveling about with Cricket Looms. The blue one on the left is for the 15-inch wide Cricket, the other is for the smaller 10-inch wide loom. The looms and the bags will be on sale during class times at EWE Fibers, February 25, and March 7. The February session is sold out – but there are still places for the evening class on Tuesday, March 7.

picturethis1Using wooden frames, cotton yarns for warp, and all kinds of fiber for weaving, the February Picture This! Off Loom Weaving class was a hit. Check in with EWE Fibers class schedule to see when the next session is coming up.

akoffloom2017.jpgJoin me at EWE Fibers, 617 West Main Street, Charlottesville, for a lesson in off-loom weaving. We’ll be using picture frames and weaving needles, learn basic weaving terms and techniques, and explore yarns and fibers of all kinds to create a woven piece you will take home right on the frame. Classes are scheduled for February 4 and February 14 and class size is limited. Register at Need more information about weaving classes at A. Korotky Studio? See the Teaching 2017 page or the Weaving Classes at EWE Fibers page.

akteachh2017Happy New Year to you and thanks for coming back to the studio blog. The really big news is that I am teaching weaving here at the studio, and I have looms for you to purchase. Take a look at my Teaching 2017 page for additional information, and keep in touch for class information, prices, and special events both at the studio, and at EWE Fibers at 617 West Main Street, Charlottesville. Let’s make 2017 a colorful year!

akrussetblanketHere’s a detail of one of the blankets for sale at Ewe Fibers. This is Russet Walk Blanket: rich color, luxurious warmth. Handwoven and designed by A. Korotky Studio. See it at Ewe Fibers, 617 West Main Street, Charlottesville.

akwarmersWoolen hand warmers will keep the foul winds away. These and lots of other gifts under $20 at the studio sale on Saturday are sure to warm hearts and minds!

akwoolcapsNow is the time for soft and strong woolen caps. $20 each at A. Korotky Studio on Saturday, Dec. 17. Open Studio and Workshop runs 9-4. Stop by and say hello to winter!