ak:norosetaknoro3After getting two cakes of Noro’s Silk Garden Sock yarn from Whitknits, an online yarn supplier right here in Charlottesville, I set to work on my 15 inch Cricket Loom. This particular Noro is wool, silk, mohair and nylon, and with 328 yards per cake there is more than enough to weave a generous scarf. One cake was primarily green, and I used it for the warp. Used the second multi-colored cake for weft. Sweet success weaving with knitting yarn on the Cricket. Check out this super, and local! online shop at http://www.whitknits.com – you will find lots to love.


akhtplus2When a third color is added to the two colors in the warp, a very different woven cloth emerges. This particular third color does not appear in the weft, only in the warp.

ak:cw class1Just two colors. A simple warp. Weave the weft in the same colors as the warp. Log Cabin or Houndstooth Check are two classic Color and Weave patterns.

akjan2018akjan183This set of colors for the new year! Weave on!

aklinenmat1Large, even-tempered, no-nonsense, machine wash, air dry. A beautiful table mat for a peaceful day.; there are four.  On sale at my studio here in Fry’s Spring.

aklooms2Cricket Looms, Lilli frame looms and The Loome Tool will all be on hand at the studio sale here. Try them out, and take one home: buy it at the studio this Saturday during the Suddently A Pop-Up Studio Sale. The studio will be open to the public from 9-4 Saturday, December 16. Happy first night of Channuka to all!

akstudiosale2The studio will be open to the public Saturday, Dec. 16, from 9 to 4. Do stop in and say hello. My handwovens for the home, and for your and those are your list, make perfect gifts. It’s true! this is my only open studio for this year! Don’t miss it!