Spotless Napkins

Spotless Napkins. Set of 4, 15 inches by 21 inches, hemmed. Each one has a different twill inset pattern. 100% cotton, machine wash, air dry, easy care for easy eating!$135 Buy now

Golden Swing Coat

This small coat is sleeveless, woven in Huck weave with a sparkling thread in the pattern. The drape is soft and simple, and you can wear this swing coat several ways. $275

Snow Wedding Blanket

This strikingly lush blanket is woven in huck weave. Fine wool, rayon and cotton combine in this piece to create a large – 54 inches by 75 inches! – blanket with knotted fringe. Soft, warm and light as air itself. $1000

Juicy Two

Juicy Two is a handwoven bath towel in Huck weave. It’s 29 inches by 60 inches, hemstitched on the loom, and daily use is encouraged. 100% cotton, machine wash, hang dry. $135

Juicy One

Juicy One is my first woven bath towel and the thirsty Huck weave is beautiful and useful. It’s woven in 100% cotton and is 29 inches by 58 inches, hemstitched on the loom. Use it often. Machine wash and hang to dry.$135

Bread and Butter

When visiting and staying overnight bring a bread and butter gift to say thank you. And this is the perfect gift: a set of 4 napkins handwoven in Spot Bronson weave. Cotton and linen; hemstitched; machine wash and air dry. $135 the set.

Generous Teal

This pair of 100% cotton towels is generous in size, 21×28 inches. Hemmed. Guest use! Kitchen joy! Wrap your bread! Handwoven in M’s and O’s weave. Machine wash, air dry.$60 the pair.

Generous Blue

A pair of towels, woven in M’s and O’s weave in blue and white cotton. Guest use! Kitchen joy! Wrap your bread! Each towel is 21×28 inches, and finished in hem stitching. Machine wash and air dry.$60 for the set.

Generous Yellow

A pair of towels for all purposes in 100% cotton. Yellow and blue. Guest use! Kitchen joy! Wrap your bread! This is M’s and O’s pattern, towels are hemmed, each is 21×28 inches.Machine wash, air dry.$60 the set.


Greenway is a set of 2 napkins, woven in Rosepath, of cotton, linen, and rayon. 17 inches by 25 inches, hemmed. Machine wash and air dry.Set of two. $65