Looms for Rent!

Want to try weaving but not sure about making a loom purchase? I have two looms for rent and here they are. First, the Kromski, which rents for $45 a month and comes pre-warped in white cotton. Two stick shuttles come along as part of the rental fee. Contact me for further info.

This is a Kromski rigid heddle loom. Total weaving width is 22 inches.
  This loom clamps in place on a table top and you can use both stick and boat shuttles for easy weaving.
The Kromski loom can be folded with the warp in place for easy storage or travel.

I also have a 10-inch Cricket loom for rent for $45 a month. It comes pre-warped in blue cotton and comes with a stick shuttle. Contact me for further information.

Here’s the 10-inch Cricket Loom, warped in blue cotton, and ready to go!