What would you like to learn and when? Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you want to get going, here is what I offer to the beginners I teach at my studio in Fry’s Spring. I live and work at my studio so it is easy to set up a day and time that may suit your schedule. Classes during the work week, or on Saturday afternoons, at times mutually agreeable, usually work well.

First things first. Email me at akorotkystudio@gmail.com and tell me what you want to learn here at the studio. Let me know some days/dates/times that you can come in, and we will set up a lesson time for you.  My studio is located at 2331 Highland Avenue in the city, just off Cherry Avenue; there’s plenty of on-street parking. Lessons run about two hours, start to finish.

Using your hands. Being a beginner. You can do it! All my classes are hands-on, which makes for great fun and a wonderful learning experience.  The yarns needed to complete a small project are all included in the fee, and you’ll have a small project to take home. Really! Beginner classes are taught on the looms in my studio with yarns from my stash.

Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Loom $110.  Got yarn? You can use many kinds of yarns, including and especially knitting yarns, on a rigid heddle loom. We’ll work on a Cricket Loom in the studio and as you weave you’ll learn: how to wind and use a stick shuttle; how to weave with two colors and how to change colors in weaving; how to weave simple patterns. I use Cricket looms to make scarves, napkins, table mats and runners.

Weaving on a Frame Loom $110.  Tapestry weaving techniques are used primarily when working on a frame loom. You’ll learn how to warp a frame loom; how to wind and use a stick shuttle; how to make a weaving shed; how to create rya knots, loops, soumak, clasped and unclasped sections, and work with two colors.

Loom Costs. The Cricket Loom and the Frame loom used in class are for sale at my studio. Each comes as a kit, and both are easy to put together. The 15-inch Cricket Loom is $205, and the Frame Loom is $65. I am a Schacht dealer and regularly order weaving equipment for my studio and my students as needed.

How do you pay? Cash, checks, credit cards, and PayPal all work here.