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ak:1814:2Here’s 1814 with the inserted color weft. Off loom, washed, and rocking at 24 x 52 inches hemmed. For sale today at the studio.

ak:1814:3Woven entirely in black cotton, the weft colors shine here. This is 1814 in black, off loom, washed and hemmed. This piece has panels woven in alternating patterns throughout. 26 x 59 inches, for sale at the studio today.




Here’s the warp, not yet on the loom, and the warp with weaving underway. This is Joseph France’s No. 11, written in 1814, from the Davison pattern book. Fierce work!

akFeb18:1The Goose Eye blanket is washed now. I always plan for the change the wet finishing makes in my woven work, and then hope for the best! This baby will have the softest nest my hands can make. Wool and cotton. 25 inches by 72 inches, hemmed.

akgooseeyeGoose Eye baby blanket in the works today. Warp is all cotton, and weft is wool and cotton. The pattern is from Mary E. Black, 1945. This treasured book was a gift from a weaving student last fall.

ak2:2018First piece off the floor loom this year, a wrap 24 by 81 inches, hemmed finish. Shown over hand-painted body wrap used as a skirt.