About A. Korotky Studio

Welcome to my weaving studio 2020!

My weaving studio at 2331 Highland Avenue is located in the heart of the Fry’s Spring Neighborhood in the city of Charlottesville, Virginia.  Curious about what a weaver’s studio looks like? Interested in learning to weave? Seen something listed for sale at my website and want to try it on? Arrange a visit by sending me an email at akorotkystudio@gmail.com Or call me at 434 295 5057. I am generally in, or around, the studio, every day as I live and work here. Visitors are welcome!

In addition to showing and selling my handmade woven work I sell weaving looms, weaving yarns, and teach weaving here at the studio. As a registered Schacht dealer I can order looms and other weaving equipment for your use if I don’t already have it in my supply cupboard. These days the 15-inch Cricket Loom, a rigid heddle loom, is very popular. It’s super easy to set up, versatile, portable, and simple to learn. You can use some of your knitting yarn stash on the Cricket loom which is one reason the rigid heddle loom is so useful.

Perhaps you are wondering what kind of work I do? I weave one-of-a-kind textiles on my 8-harness loom and have, in stock, household linen, wraps, blankets, garlands to wear, and cloth of all sorts. Frequently I include knit, crochet, and knotted work in my collection; painted cloth and shibori reverse are always on hand. Take a look around and let me know what you think!

Commissions and inventions are my specialty. Cash, check, credit cards and PayPal all work here. Follow me @aktextiles on Instagram.

Thank you for visiting my website today!

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