A. Korotky Studio

Welcome to Andrea’s weaving studio 2023!

My weaving studio at 525 North 1st Street is located in the historic landmarked district of Jackson Ward, in the city of Richmond, Virginia 23219. Curious about what a weaver’s studio looks like? Interested in learning to weave? Seen something listed for sale at my website or @aktextiles on Instagram?

To make a purchase from my online store, just hit the Buy Now button for the item at my website and it’s yours. You can pay with any credit card. As soon as you purchase it we can make arrangements for pickup here at the studio.

To set up a time to talk about weaving, or take a personal lesson on FaceTime, email me at akorotkystudio@gmail.com or text me at 434 295 5057. We’ll work together, wherever you are and whatever your questions may be. Cricket loom, tapestry loom, and floor loom help is on the way! Don’t hesitate to connect!

This is how my tables are set up for teaching on FaceTime.
My distance learning classes are fun, well-organized and include lots of sketches, diagrams, and email exchanges from my teaching library.
You will be working and learning to weave side-by-side with me.

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