Juicy One

Juicy One is my first woven bath towel and the thirsty Huck weave is beautiful and useful. It’s woven in 100% cotton and is 29 inches by 58 inches, hemstitched on the loom. Wear it to the beach! Machine wash and hang up to dry. $145 Buy now

Small Things Add Up

In addition to the bits of warp yarns left on the loom after weaving, I often pull short lengths of yarn off my bobbins to free them up for re-use. Here you see them knotted together ready to be wound onto bobbins for weft on another weaving.

Zanshi Woven Work

Weaving with knotted leftover yarns brings delight and chaos and decisions! Sometimes I let pull the knots through the warp and show them off; other times I left them ride into the warp and clump and make bumps. After the piece is washed it all changes again.

Winding Leftover Knotted Yarn

6 For The Table is a set of napkins/placemats woven in canvas weave. The leftover warp yarns just off the loom are being knotted together and wound on a wooden rod into a center pull ball for use as weft in a new project.

Zero Waste and Zanshi

After I finished the 5 Kitchen Towels, I collected the bits of warp that remained and, tying the short threads together with knots, made a new ball of cotton yarn for weaving. Zanshi is a Japanese weaving practice using knotted bits of yarn for the weft in weaving.