Duo is a set of two kitchen towels woven in Summer Winter weave. Green, white and blue. Hemmed. 100% cotton. Machine wash and air dry. $50 the pair.

Blue Forest/SOLD

Blue Forest, an elegant wrap in cotton, rayon and hemp.12 inches by 63 inches. $155.


Trio is a set of three towels woven in Summer Winter weave in green and white. Each towel is hemmed. 100% cotton, machine wash, air dry. $75.


Woven in twill weave using cotton and rayon yarns, Patience is a scarf, or wrap. 11 inches by 62 inches with a luscious tied fringe. $155. Buy now

By The Sea!

By The Sea! A cushy woven scarf in cotton and rayon.Sparkle insets, 12 inches by 50 inches, $145 Buy now

Celtic Bell

Celtic Bell is a scarf/wrap 14 inches by 58 inches. Woven in horizontal Celtic bell pattern, hemstitched on loom. 100% cotton. $175. Buy now

Night Easy

Night Easy is woven in 2:2 twill weave. 100% cotton. Wear as a wrap or a scarf. 15 inches by 63 inches, hemstitched on the loom. $175. Buy now

Red Star Scarf

Red Star wrap, 14 inches x 57 inches. Hemstitched on the loom, the Cord weave and warp colors create a classic design. 100% cotton. $175. Buy now

Honig Scarf/SOLD!

Honig Scarf, wool merino and cotton-linen. Silky soft waffle weave, 7 inches x 53 inches. $75. Buy now