Cotton and linen/SOLD

Large, even-tempered, no-nonsense, machine wash, air dry. A beautiful table mat for a peaceful day.; there are four.  On sale at my studio here in Fry’s Spring.

Double Rose/SOLD!

Two rose path patterns, woven in red, alternating with plain weave in black, on the loom and off. Woven work takes on life when released from the loom. These five woven yards made a table runner, and a gracious wrap. Hemmed finish.

Head gear

Warm and colorful caps: do come in and try them on. Suddenly A Pop-Up open studio day is Saturday, Dec. 16, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Studio is open by appointment from now until December 24.

Scarfs for people

The studio is open this week and next, right up to December 24. Let me know if you like some of what you see here and let’s set up a date in the studio! Or stop in Saturday. Dec. 16 from 9-4 for my Suddenly A Pop-Up Event.