Sweet Greens

Here’s the latest from my studio today. I have used two skeins from Daren Bader’s yarn collection to create this almost-plaid. 13 inches wide, 80 inches long, this handwoven beauty will be in the shop at EWE Fibers to see and touch. Join the April 1 Cricket Class and learn how to do this kind of…

EWE cottons

Spring and summer weaving: cotton and flax the perfect choice. These hanks of cotton and flax yarns at EWE fibers are well-priced, generous in size, and ready for weaving today. Experimenting with colors in warp and weft might look like this:

Emerald City

This is Deren Bader’s hand dyed yarn, Emerald City. Colors from rhubarb and indigo; fibers are merino, silk and alpaca. Weaving on a 15-inch Cricket Loom with a slim, closed bottom boat shuttle. Both warp and weft show the colors as they are coming off the skeins. Something new. And good.