Saturday, Oct. 22, 2016, 2-4 pm is Zoom Loom Day at Andrea’s Studio

Zoom Loom Bundle includes:

  • Zoom Loom, carrying case, booklet
  • Yarns to get started Zooming
  • Simple Zoom Projects you can accomplish
  • 2 hours of instruction here in my weaving studio in Fry’s Spring, Charlottesville
  • Yarn and pattern handouts, hands-on work with Inkle and Cricket looms
  • Cost: $125 per person, payable by check, cash, or credit card

Please note: Class size is limited to 4 students for this First Zoom Loom Day, but more Zoom Loom Days are coming! To register for the October 22 class, contact Andrea at akorotkystudio@gmail.com or @aktextiles