Pocket cloth.

akthirdcolor2Using the same skip twill threading and a second tie-up, this is Third Color. Lots of energy in this small wrap, 25 inches x 50 inches, hemmed and washed. In the studio for sale today.

akblackwhite1Off loom, hemmed and washed, this is Black White. Woven in skip twill, all cotton, this wrap is 25 inches by 81 inches. For sale at the studio today.


akSkiphbone3Here’s the second tie-up of the German Fancy Skip Herringbone. A third color in 8/2 cotton is added for this second section.

akblackwhite3Working with 6/2 cotton from Bluegrass Mills via The Woolery. 400 ends, and the pattern is a German Fancy Skip Herringbone. This is the first of two tie-ups.

ak:1814:2Here’s 1814 with the inserted color weft. Off loom, washed, and rocking at 24 x 52 inches hemmed. For sale today at the studio.

ak:1814:3Woven entirely in black cotton, the weft colors shine here. This is 1814 in black, off loom, washed and hemmed. This piece has panels woven in alternating patterns throughout. 26 x 59 inches, for sale at the studio today.