Silvery blue

Woven with black lace weave inserts this elegant scarf is 17 by 70 inches. One of a kind, as always, and for sale at the studio today. 2019 here we come!

Open Studio Sale!

Save the date: this is one sale you will not want to miss. My studio will be open to the public all day Saturday, November 24, 2018. Handwoven textiles, knit work, miniatures, talisman, and looms of several kinds will be here for you to purchase. Come to visit, bring a friend – or several! Let’s…

Third Color

Using the same skip twill threading and a second tie-up, this is Third Color. Lots of energy in this small wrap, 25 inches x 50 inches, hemmed and washed. In the studio for sale today.

Black White

Off loom, hemmed and washed, this is Black White. Woven in skip twill, all cotton, this wrap is 25 inches by 81 inches. For sale at the studio today.